1 Nov
Every Friday Night the Governor's Harbour Development Association holds a Fish Fry at Anchor Bay in Governor's Harbour. This event attracts many tourists and locals every week. Proceeds from the event benefit the annual Homecoming and various projects within the community.
1 Nov
Locals gather every week to dance and enjoy good ole Bahamian food prepared by ladies in the community. Everyone is welcome to join in. The event runs until 12:00 midnight.
2 Nov
This historical Guy Fawkes competition will feature a Kids' Costume Matinee and various costume competitions (individual and groups), including judging of the B
4 Nov
Children at the Guy Fawkes Celebration (Photo by Annabelle Cross)
The celebration will feature the historical Guy Fawkes Competition, where judging of the Best Guy and Dancing of the Guy will be the highlight of the night.